Rules and Expectations


Spc. Adam S. Hamilton Fitness Center

In order to maintain this facility’s excellent condition and for all Rough Riders to benefit from this opportunity, certain rules and expectations must be followed at all times. Refusal to comply will result in IMMEDIATE denial of use of the facility.

Rules and Expectations:


1. When the ground is wet, EVERYONE must enter through the locker room entrances and CHANGE TO A CLEAN, DRY pair of athletic shoes.

2. Athletic apparel must be worn:

    • CLEAN, DRY shoes.
    • All apparel must be in Roosevelt School colors of RED, WHITE, BLACK, or GRAY.
    • T-shirts must have sleeves.
    • Shorts must be of appropriate length.

3. Clean all equipment and rerack all weights at conclusion of session.

4. Weights, barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells are not permitted to be dropped on the turf.

5. Be on time. If you are late for a session, you can join in but your workout will end at the conclusion of that lifting session.

6. Alumni and community members are not permitted to lift at the fitness center due to insurance liabilities.