30 Sports, 1 TEAM

Theodore Roosevelt High School Strength Training Program Philosophy

Theodore Roosevelt High School Student Athletes are expected to participate in a full-year strength and conditioning program, which has been designed by Jason Welch, Kevin Hockett, Ben Barlow, and Tim King. Kevin Hockett, the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Theodore Roosevelt High School is in charge of the implementation and monitoring of our athletic program’s full-year conditioning program.

The philosophy behind the creation and implementation of the TRHS Athletics’ strength and conditioning program is rooted in the belief that the athletes in our school need to be in peak physical condition so they can compete at their highest level every day. Our athletes must be conditioned to a point where they can play a full season worth of games, compete to the end of every game, and help their team play at its’ highest level in the final weeks of the season. A high percentage of our student athletes participate in two or more sports, they must be trained and prepared physically to meet the demands of this type of competitive schedule. Our student athletes must be prepared to play for and win championships, and our physical and mental conditioning is crucial in the attainment of our all our teams’ goals and overall athletic program development.

Often overlooked, but as critical as the physical conditioning of our student athletes, is the role that our training sessions play in helping to create positive relationships and individual team/entire athletic program chemistry. Our student athletes spend an entire calendar year together getting stronger and forming great relationships. A large part of our athletic program’s success year in and year out is predicated on the time, effort, and commitment by all our coaches and student athletes to maximize the effectiveness of our training program. WE ARE “ONE TEAM” MOVING FORWARD, we are all getting better together!
The TRHS strength and condition program includes consistent warm-up routines/exercises, speed and agility training, strength training exercises, and cool down and stretching exercises. The program is designed utilizing a detailed periodization schedule, which includes various phases of training to maximize the conditioning benefits to our student athletes.

30 sports, 1 TEAM. GO RIDERS!