Rough Riders News · Required Lindsay’s Law Video and Informational Handout for all Rough Rider Parents & Athletes

Good Morning Rider Parents and Athletes,

Beginning this school year, the State of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Education and the OHSAA are requiring parents of participating high school and middle school athletes and ALL athletes to become familiar with the new Lindsay’s Law pertaining to sudden cardiac arrest in athletes.

In addition to specific coach’s training all parents and athletes are REQUIRED to view the Lindsay’s Law video (link below) and read/review the Ohio Department of Education’s Lindsay’s Law information sheet. Once the video is viewed and the handout read, each parent and athlete are required to sign the parent/athlete signature form (page 3 of the information sheet below) and return the form to the Roosevelt (9-12) or Stanton (7-8) athletic offices. This signature form must be on file prior to each season of athletic participation.

Please call the Roosevelt athletic office at 330-676-8770 with any further questions.

Lindsay’s Law Video

Lindsay’s Law Information and Signature Page